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For the better education and understanding of catch and release!

    Here are some of the basics for catch and release of Pike!
    Remember these are only Guide Lines and common sence should all ways be used.

    ***Basic Catch And Release Guide Lines***
    It's recommend that you fish with barbless hooks. You stand a good chance of not losing any Pike if you keep the line under tension at all times. A barbless hook will allow for easy removal and less trauma for the fish. If possable, it's best not to pull the fish up into the boat or bank, but to remove the hook while the fish is at the side of the boat or still in the water near the bank. Never grab the line to maneuver a fish while it is boatside or near the bank, use a net if you can, not only is it a bad idea, but if the Pike decides to take another blind run, your hand may suffer a deep cutt.

    When fighting the Pike, try not to hold the pole too high as the fish nears the surface, it encourages the fish to jump and thus causeing more stress. Always allow the pole to act as a shock absorber for the strong pulls, due to the vicious jerks, and long runs that pike are known for.

    Handle the fish gently and with respect. Pike will fight until completely exhausted, so it is very important to revive the fish before releasing it. Hold the fish in a swimming position and move it back and forth allowing water to move through it's gills. Watch for the fish to start to strugle, then carefully release the fish.

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