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For the better education and understanding of catch and release!

    Here is a little history of what got me in to catch and release.
    C.A.R.P. ASSOCIATION is a program to promote the education of catch and release. I came up with the program in June of 1993 when I started to notice all the area ponds were being fished out in several locations and it was getting real hard to catch any fish. I thought many times that people might think what would happen when there is nothing left to catch. My only thoughts were that they would just go to another pond and do the same. When you go out and see people take home 20-30 fish at a time, regardless of the size, it can make a person ask why?

    Some people may think that just because there is no size, number or weight limit posted that they can take all they want. Some don't seem to realize the damage that can be caused by over fishing. I found out that a lot of people didn't know the proper way to release fish back into the water with out causing the fish any more harm then it may have all ready undergone. As well, I found out that allot of people didn't seem to understand that by handling a fish the wrong way, could cause it to die even a day or two later.

    It's said a fish goes into shock the instant it is hooked and the longer it takes to calm down after it's been fighting and brought out of the water and handled wrong, the longer it will take to recover. There fore a program such as mine and many others like it, could help to get people to understand more about catch and release and all the fundamentals that go with it.

    There are a lot of programs, organizations, clubs, ECT,, out there. So with everyone working together, we can help people to better understand and become involved with catch and release. So in other words, my program is pretty much the same as others and our objective is to get more people involved and aware of catch and release and the understanding of what it means. Not just for us, but all so for the fish and the environment. So all in all, I think that with every one working together, we can make a difference for better fishing and understanding for future generations to come.

    I think that by getting the kids involved will better the future in catch and release, and how many kids do you know that don't like to fish? At the time I started fishing like any other kid on the block, I knew nothing about catch and release, what it stood for, or even what it was about. We just wanted to catch fish and I, like many others, would like to be able to take our kids fishing and teach them the fundamentals and responsibilities that go with it.

    So if all of us stick together and share a little of what we know about fishing and the art of catch and release, it can still be fun and we can continue to enjoy fishing for generations to come!

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