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***How to catch carp***
    Fishing Bait : Corn, worms, crayfish, grasshoppers, crickets, minnows, liver and home made dough balls have all been known to work just to name a few.

    How to Catch Carp: You can find carp just about everywhere. Fishing for carp can be lots of fun and pound for pound they are hard fighters, there are all kinds of baits that can work well. Try using a dough ball or even canned corn. doughballs are easy to make and use and the corn, you just cover the hook well with the kernals. Be sure to set your rod up with a treble hook, this will help keep the dough or any soft baits, from coming off the hook. As well it will aid in a better chance in hooking the carps lip.

    A Carp often just comes up and nibbles on the bait before finally picking it up. If they feel any resistance at all on the bait, they will spit it out before you will ever get a chance to hook them. If you miss the first 1 or 2 hits it might already be to late. What I like to do to help keep this from happening, is to use a slip sinker and keep your line slack, you can even leave your bail open if need be. Then when you see the line moving, flip it shut and get ready for a fight.

    Make sure you use very sharp hooks, used hooks can dull and rust after time, and carp have a very tough lip membrain for the hook to puncture. Be sure to have a pair of pliers handy to aid in removing the hook if need be! A good med to heavy rod will work with a flexable rod tip.

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    NOTE: If the readers have any info that can be added to help in catching carp please feel free to email me your ideas and I'll post it here with your name and state if you like!

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