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    ***CARP BAIT!***
    Ben Stankiewicz

    Langhorne, Pennsylvania

    I had been using bagels for channel cats in the Delaware river. Bagels work well on a bobber or at the bottom. One day I decided to try regular white bread instead of bagels, the bread is cheaper, and did not work as well. I knew they were catching 20 lb. carp recently; when I bought the bread I remembered to pick up some cornmeal and gelatin, I intended to make the cornmeal dough-bait the next day. I wasn't catching any fish, but I thought I would make some dough with the whitebread, dry cornmeal, and gelatin.

    I took four slices of bread and dipped them in the river, (I had to lower the bread into the water with my fishing rod, because the tide was low) I stripped the crust off the bread and added dry cornmeal to my bread and kneaded it for a while. With the dough still very moist I then sprinkled on some cherry gelatin mix. I then added cornmeal and kneaded until the dough was sticky and firm . The bait worked for carp and catfish. I got this idea from McClane's Encyclopedia of Fishing in the carp section pg 199!


    If you would like to share your recipes with everyone, then feel free to email me your recipe's to drakcore@hotmail.com and Iíll be sure to add it to the list ASAP!

    Thanks and enjoy!

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